Searches for files on Windows systems using regular expressions and filters
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FileSeek provides you with a practical and powerful way to search for files. The program widely improves MS Windows' standard file search capabilities, and it allows you to search for files based not only on their file names but also on their contents. What is more, you can use regular expressions and advanced filters to polish your search so that you can locate a specific file in seconds, even if your have hundreds of similar ones.

FileSeek uses cutting-edge file search algorithms capable of locating a specific file at lightning speed, even if you combine multiple search terms, regular expressions and filters for the task. Only when you enable file content's analysis a search may become slower, specially if your have large files within your search path(s). Besides, the program allows you to keep multiple file search tasks open concurrently, through tabs.

The program's user interface is pretty functional, though not particularly attractive. Each search task includes four sections that allow you to define all its corresponding parameters, being the first one "Search". There you can provide the basic information like one or more search paths, the exclude path(s), the include/exclude files expressions and the query string that, in turn, may include one or more plain terms or regular expressions. The "Advanced" section, on the other hand, allows you to define whether to search sub-folders, enable the file contents analysis and perform a case-sensitive search, among other options. Finally, "Date Filters" and "File Size Filters" sections allow you to optionally define the minimum and maximum creation date, last access date, modification date and file size for your search task.

Once you have set all your required parameters throughout the mentioned sections, you can save your configuration as a search profile, for easy and fast later usage. Even more, you can import/export your profiles and save them online for automatic synchronization across all your computers, though this function requires registering with Binary Fortress Software, to get a free account.

All in all, I consider that FileSeek is one of best available tools when it comes to searching for files on Windows systems. If you don't register the program after the 30-day trial period, you can continue to use it for free with some minor restrictions. As a tip, if you plan to use regular expressions, my recommendation would be to read the program's FAQ page to get familiar to their operators and modifiers.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Searches for files based on their contents.
  • Allows you to use regular expressions and advanced filters.
  • Supports multiple concurrent search tasks.
  • Allows you to import/export your search profiles.
  • Saves your search profiles online for automatic synchronization across multiple PCs


  • Its visual design could be widely improved
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